Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More than 13 million pints of Guinness are consumed on St. Patty's Day (along with some free stuff)

More than 13 million pints of Guinness are consumed on St. Patty's Day, opposed to the usual 5.5 million pints that are consumed on any other day of the year. This is just one of the many reasons that St. Patrick's Day is one of the BEST holidays of the year (aside from May 10).

Since I will not be in the continental US on March 17 (no worries, I'll be celebrating with a green margarita under a green palm tree) I am holding my second annual St. Patty's Day contest now. All you have to do is guess how much treasure is in my Pot O' Gold (below).

Guess correctly and you win... an ENCYCLOPEDIA BRANIGAN drinking pack for two, because lets face it, its not (as much) fun drinking alone.

The rules:
  • Please list your guess in dollars and cents - $0.00 - with a valid e-mail address (unless you KNOW I know you)
  • No duplicate guesses
  • Submit your entry in the comments section below
  • You must submit by 11:59 AM EST on Friday, March 5. The winner will be announced that afternoon (just in time for Hoboken!)
  • Price is Right rules - guess over and you lose!
  • NEW RULE - No partnering (JEREMY)
  • NEW RULE TWO - People who attend the PRSA 3-on-3 Hoops Tournament will receive an extra guess!
There are no tricks, no $20s hidden in the back of the cup or fake coins.

Good Luck!!!


Katie said...

Although I think this contest is rigged as the photo has a copper-colored hue and is somewhat misleading... my gues is $3.17. It is completely coincidental that the number is also St. Patty's day. If I win, please carry my prize to my office. Thanks!
kfoley AT coynepr DOT com

Lila said...

You're right...it was a little off and a new photo has been added. You may adjust your guess if you see fit.

Katie said...

I will stick with my first guess. I like it. Thanks though!

jeremy said...

My officiak guess is $2.84. You can give my winnings to katie foley for we will be sharing the prize :)

Michael Scicolone said...


Katie - way too much thinking going on in your comment.

michaelscicolone AT gmail DOT com

Digital Ice said...

$7.38 I'm feeling good about this one

C.O. Jones said...

$6.22 POW!

Shana said...

i'm gonna go with....$4.51

shanamreyes at gmail dot com


kaitlyn said...

My guess is $4.99.
kaitlyn DOT tivenanhh AT gmail DOT com

NDimichino said...

$1, Drew.

Joanna said...

$6.34!!!! :)
jdinizio AT coynepr DOT com

Anonymous said...

My guess is $4.59. If I win you can give it to Katie for delivery, but make sure she know she is not allowed to steal it.

jafoley85 AT yahoo DOT com

Anonymous said...

2.17 - johnny cakes

Digital Ice said...

Guess number 2: $6.41

NDimichino said...

Guess #2: $2.25

AD said...


Shana said...

guess #2 - $1.81